I consider my camera to be an instrument that teaches us how to see without a camera.

  • Do you have no photos with all the members of your family in?
  • Are 99% of your family pictures iPhone shots?
  • Is the last picture you have of you & your husband together from your wedding 9 years ago?
  • Do you love to send Holiday Cards to friends & family abroad?

How does a shooting session work?

Prior to a shoot we’ll discuss the best locations for you, this could be your home for a newborn, Richmond Park or, in the case of a recent shoot, the Millennium Bridge in central London. I’m always happy to give some guidance on what to wear. I always to allow 2 hours for a toddler or baby shoot as there may be feeds or nappy changes involved. Immediately after the shoot I’ll back your images up both on and off my premises, and start work on your proofs. I like a quick turnaround so usually you’ll have your photos within a week.

What if our children are ill on the day of the shoot?

Of course if your baby or child is ill or you have not slept all night and feel awful we can postpone – a shoot should be fun, not a terrible chore to be feared!

I have a specific wacky idea for a photo, can you help?

If it is practical and safe for the child involved, I’ll give it a go! Someone came to me recently wanting a picture of their toddler naked with a chicken. I replied that if she could provide a chicken I’d take care of the rest. It was a lot of fun and we got some great results one of which you can see in the slideshow above. I also accept Fine Art commissions by arrangement.

How much?

For shoots in Central, West or South-West London currently I charge a session fee of £40, payable in advance to fix the date, and then £40 per fully-retouched print-ready jpeg, reduction available if you buy 10 jpegs. You can print these as many times as you want and there is no minimum purchase. Alternatively you can buy finished Wall Art, currently I offer acrylic prints, aluminium prints and multi-aperture mounted frames of extremely high quality. A price list is provided at time of enquiry and there is no hard sell for the very good reason that while I’m a great photographer I’m a lousy salesperson. Please email at irena@irenapechon.co.uk for a price-list.


Where possible I prefer to photograph new babies in their own homes and in natural light as I find that this is less stressful for both the baby and parents. If however your husband is about to be posted off to Afghanistan with the army and you only have a 4pm time slot in deep winter when the light is fading I have a full remote-trigger studio flash setup that I can bring and quickly assemble.

For Toddlers ‘out and about’ photo shoots can be a lot of fun. If they are chasing a ball or watching penguins you can get some really fun shots without boring them senseless by insisting that they smile for a studio camera.

But I’m not sure about what style I want!

At time of bookiing we’ll have a chat about style, which feeds in to a chat about what to wear. Clearly what to wear is your choice, I just give some pointers on what to avoid if you are after a particular style. All images are captured in RAW format which gives maximum creative options colour-wise.

Caroline (naked toddler with chicken shoot)

I brought a very complicated idea to Irena and she was able to bring that to life in an accommodating and creative manner. They say ‘never work with children or animals’ but Irena agreed to do both! She did so commendably ensuring chicken, dachshund and children behaved, posed and generally avoided any diva like behaviour resulting in some fantastic and unusual shots that we will cherish.

Anna & Ollie (Baby & Toddler shoot at home)

The photos are gorgeous thank you so much! Can’t believe you got my toddler smiling!

Mark & Juliette (Out & about Toddler Shoot)

Irena these are amazing!!!! Some unbelievable shots… we can’t thank you enough!!! I have many favourite shots… and I predict a lot of these will be big enlargements for the wall. Once again, thank you!!!